Frequently asked questions

Can I view or even test a hot tub?

Yes, we encourage by appointment to ensure the best experience for your visit, but the showroom is always staffed between the advertised opening times. We always display a selection of hot tubs which we believe offers a good understanding across the complete range of offerings. We do offer a 'wet test' service, by appointment only. We close the showroom to the public for this allowing maximum privacy and un-interupted time to fully test the hot tub of choice.

What is included in my hot tub deal?

When you purchase any new or used hot tub from Lakeside Spas, this is conisdered a package deal (unless agreed otherwise). This means the price you see, will include delivery and manual installation, the hot tub cover, cover-lifter system, steps, chemicals, filters and training. All you need to provide is a good level area, suitable access, a garden hose and water supply and the correct electrical feed for the new hot tub.

Understanding access, how do we deliver the hot tub?

As part of the service, we do offer a site survey visit, as part of the sales process. In most circumstances, the hot tub will get up-ended which means the height of the hot tub, now becomes the width. An example of this is a hot tub which is 200cm (long) x 200cm (wide) x 85cm (high), requires a gap larger than 85cm, with height clearance of more than 200cm (looking out for gutters or flue-pipes). Hot tubs can rarely be manually lifted by mutliple persons due to the weight and size. Discuss access with any of our staff today to find out how viable a delivery and installation would be. If we struggle to identify a way in manually, then there is always other options with the likes on cranes, hi-ab cranes or other lifting aids. This would usually result in an additional cost, but this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

How does warranty work?

Should you experience any issues with your new or used hot tub, then you can relax safe in the knowledge you are fully covered throughout the time of your warranty, and even after! We offer a service team of field engineers who are ready to visit you at the earliest convenience. All warranties are manufacturer warranties (unless preowned), but your point of call as the customer is always us. Field engineers work Monday - Friday between the hours of 9am - 5pm. After your warranty runs out we offer such services as service & maintenance contracting, one-off servicing, call outs, relocations, winterizing and much more.

Where are our products manufactured?

We source our products either factory direct in California or via our trusted supplier network. Our current range of hot tubs are manufactured in America and China, with our swim spa offerings also manufactured in America. All products supplied by us are tried and tested, from our hot tubs and swim spas, to our spa chemicals, filter cartridges and accessories.

How does payment work?

As per our terms and conditions of sale, we ask for a 50% deposit payment as minimum to secure a stocked hot tub or hot tub due into stock. This payment can be made via credit card, debit card, paypal, cheque, bank transfer or cash. The balance payment is due in cleared funds with us pre-installation. Should you wish to purchase using our in-store finance facilites then this changes as per the terms of the finance agreement.

How does it work with the electrical connection?

Plug and play hot tubs require a 13 AMP, IP rated outdoor socket located near the hot tub for us to plug in. We provide the cable wiring on the day for this. 20/32/40 AMP hot tubs and swim spas require a dedicated electrical installation, by use of an isolater switch which is connected to an available fuse board, with a tail-end connected to the isolater switch, left safe for us to connect to the hot tub (we provide the gland). This has to be carried out by an electrical professional and signed off. This is installed at the cost of the customer.

Do I require a water or drainage supply?

You will require access to an outside tap to fill the hot tub. You will also need a hose-pipe (and connections) to fill the hot tub on installation and periodically throughout the year. Specialist drainage is not a must for most installations as all of our hot tubs will be delivered with a hose-pipe attachment, which means you can attach a hose-pipe and feed this to any external drain. All customers will be required to change their water every 90 days on average. This will be demonstrated on the day of installation.

Spa chemicals...what do I need to know?

With all new and used hot tubs, we will provide a chemical pack, which will get you started. There are many additional chemical solutions for spa water, but we will provide you with everything you will need to ensure safe usage of the hot tub. We will also educate you on what to do, and what not to do, on the day of installation. We will discuss with you prior to delivery, your specialist needs. Customers who suffer with skin irratation, sensitive skin, eczema or other medical conditions will have the choice of preffered sanitisers to ensure safe bathing. If you are unsure on which is the best solution for you at the point of purchase, should you react to chlorine for example, then you can switch to an alternative solution but this would require the water being drained and fresh water applied.

Where to locate my hot tub?

We would encourage all customers to locate the hot tub nearer to the house to encourage year round use. Although hot tubs are fun all year round, the walk back from the bottom of the garden when its -4 degrees sometimes isn't! When working out the space required for the hot tub, always consider not only the size and orientation, but the additional must-have accessories such as cover-lifter and access steps. The cover-lift can add 13" - 20" typically to the side where the cover will ideally fall, and the steps can add another 27" approx. Talk to us should this be an issue, as there is always available solutions to get around such potential issues. it a must?

All our warranties remain active with or without annual service by us, unlike some other big brands. Servicing is generally preventative maintenance, and we feel it benefical for all customers at least annually. Not only does routine service offer peace-of-mind with the safety of the hot tub and spa water for example, but it helps to identify early signs of a potential issue, which outside of warranty could lead to a much larger expense. We are a service company first and foremost, and work with all our customers to make this both affordable and flexible by offering spread payments on a servicing schedule for example. Talk to us today to find out more about servicing.


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