5kw Air Source Heat Pump

The Air Source Heat Pump works in conjunction with all HL Spas. Fully controlled through the spa control panel, this addition offers both a substantial saving in running costs, in addition to fast heating and cooling of the spa water temperature.


This Heat Pump (by Gecko) will reduce running costs vastly. This clever heat pump addition can also heat your spa by 4-5 degrees per hour, nearly 4x faster than most conventional spa heaters which can be a very helpful feature.


The price does not include fitting. Call 01275 475123 for more info.

5kw Air Source Heat Pump

  • Specifications Value
    Power 5kw
    Shell Color



    80 cm Long x 55 cm high

    Weight - Dry 39 kg
    Requirements 60cm Clearance from hot tub and 200cm Front Clearance. Power connects to Spa PCB


  • 1 Years Warranty

    Electrical and mechanical equipment components are warranted against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship or materials for 1 year from the original date of delivery.