Ecosmart73 Heat Pump

The Ecosmart73 Air Source Heat Pump works in conjunction with all Earth Spas. Fully controlled through the spa control panel, this addition offers both a substantial saving in running costs, in addition to fast heating and cooling of the spa water temperature.




This Heat Pump (by Gecko) can reduce running costs up to 73%. This clever heat pump addition will not only save you a vast amount on your annual running costs, but it can also heat your spa by 4-5 degrees per hour, nearly 4x faster than most conventional spa heaters which can be a very helpful feature during different seasons.


The price does not include fitting. If the fitting is carried out upon installation of a new Earth Spas hot tub then there will be no additional cost. Call 01275 475123 for more info.

Ecosmart73 Heat Pump

  • Specifications Value
    Power 5kw
    Shell Color



    80 cm Long x 55 cm high

    Weight - Dry 39 kg
    Requirements 60cm Clearance from hot tub and 200cm Front Clearance. Power connects to Spa PCB